Taylor Basinger


FIRST Experience: Mentor since 2014


Education: AAS Information Systems Technology


Occupation: I.T. Specialist


FIRST  Alumni: Team 16 2002


“I enjoy teaching students new technology.”


Kevin Beckham


FIRST  Experience: 1996


Education: Masters in Business and Bachelor in Industrial Science and Engineering


Occupation: Maintenance: Director of Manufacturing for Plastics at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


"I like seeing kids getting involved. I like seeing them get excited about engineering and technology, and I always enjoy the competitions."



Christi Cooper


FIRST  Experience: Mentor since 2014


Occupation: Interior decorator


"I enjoy working with students learning about design and engineering. I especially enjoy the problem solving aspects of the game challenges and how it applies to the form and function of the robot."


Jeff Clements


FIRST Experience: 2010


Education:  BS in Chemical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology


Occupation:  Controls Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


"I love the feeling of seeing something work for the first time after countless hours of hard work….before you realize how buggy and inconsistent it is. Then you get to turn around and put the countless hours into making it work well."



Steve Holt


FIRST Experience:  2017


Education: Electrical Engineering Degree


Occupation: Self-employed IT consultant


"FIRST is three things; educational, helpful, and fun."





Eric Jones


FIRST Experience: 2010 Alumni


Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering


Occupation:  Mechanical Contractor


“I want to inspire kids and give back to a team that helped motivate me to go on and receive a degree in engineering."




Matt Martin


FIRST  Experience:


FRC Mentor since 2016


FLL Coach since 2015


Occupation: Water Operator


"I joined Bomb Squad not only to teach, but to learn alongside the students."



Andy Marts


FIRST Experience:


FRC Mentor since 1996, Founding Mentor


FLL Mentor since


FTC Mentor since 2006


Occupation: Electrical Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corporation (30 Year Employee)


"My favorite experience as a mentor is working with quiet and shy students and watching them grow as individuals and leaders. It is not uncommon to witness a shy student develop the confidence to become a leader of the team. "


Jackie Meissner


FIRST  Experience: Mentor since 2012,  Arkansas FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner


Education: Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Arkansas


Occupation: EAST Facilitator - Mountain Home High School


FIRST Experience:


FIRST  Alumni: Team 16 2004-2005


FTC Affiliate Partner for Arkansas


“I enjoy watching the transformation of a student on Bomb Squad and of course the spirit of competition”.


Greg Mills


FIRST Experience: 1996


Education: Studied Forest Resources at the University of Georgia


Occupation: Engineering Manager at Baxter Healthcare


""I am the guy who came up with kick the tires and light the fires."



Brandon Padgett


FIRST Experience: Mentor since 2000


Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering- University of Arkansas


Occupation: Mechanical Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


“My favorite part of being a mentor is teaching students new skills and motivating them to get involved in a technical field.”




Bryan Plumlee


FIRST Experience:


FRC since 2015


Education: Master of Science in Microbiology and Major in Avian Science


Occupation: Software Quality Engineer


"I like solving problems. I feel like I learn things myself; It's self satisfying in that regard.



Jason Smith


FIRST Experience: 2016


Education: Computer Software Engineer Degree


Occupation: Systems Architect


"I joined Bomb Squad to share my experiences and hopefully inspire students to consider careers in STEM fields. Plus, who doesn't love robots?"



David Thompson


FIRST  Experience: 2002


Education:   Associates in Trade Technologies (Machinist)


Occupation: Maintenance Tech at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


"I enjoy helping students find a positive direction for their future."




Skip Thurman


Education: Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Masters  of Arts in Teaching from the University of Central Arkansas

Occupation: Physics teacher at Mountain Home High School.


"I enjoy working with students and seeing how creative they can be when given the opportunity to innovate like they have in robotics. It is a great learning opportunity for everyone."




Amber Williamson


FIRST Experience:

FRC Mentor since 2011

Arkansas FLL  Operational Co-Partner


Years in Bomb Squad: I starting mentoring the team in 2011, and this year will be my 6th year as a mentor for the Bomb Squad.


Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas


Occupation: Project Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


FIRST Alumni: Team 16 2006


"I enjoy helping the students strategize and scout at the FIRST Robotics Competition events."


Derrick Williamson


FIRST Experience: Mentor since 2010


Occupation:  Co-owner of 8-Ball Amusement


FIRST  Alumni: Team 16 2003-2005


"My favorite reason for mentoring Bomb Squad members would be the wicked awesome drive train."


Joe Wyatt


FIRST  Experience: FLL


Occupation: Quality Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corporation


"I joined to help motivate kids to join STEM fields after high school."