FIRST Progression of Programs

JrFLL is the FIRST event for children from grades K-3. It is used to get children’s curiosity focused on science and technology. This program promotes teamwork, imagination, and productivity. The teams use LEGO bricks to build a model that moves and a poster that shows their journey through their process.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE is the FIRST competition for children from grades 4-8. Teams build and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology to complete the current challenge. These challenges are based on real-world challenges in science and technology. They get involved with their communities, develop valuable skills for their lives and discover future career opportunities.

FIRST Tech Challenge is the FIRST competition for students from grades 7-12 designed like a sports model, head to head. The teams are responsible for the designs, final builds, and programming of their robots. The robots compete in an alliance match on a 12x12 foot field. The teams develop strategy and build their robots based off of engineering

principles.  These teams include the students, coaches, mentors, and possibly volunteers. There are awards for community outreach, design, and several real-world accomplishments.

FIRST Robotics Competition is the FIRST competition for students from grades 9-12. FIRST Robotics Competition has been called “a varsity sport for the mind”.  It combines the competitiveness and excitement of sport with the challenges and

rigors of science and technology. The teams design, build, and program their 120 pound robots for the competition.  Several volunteers give up their time to help with the teams.